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Landscaping & Reforestation

School to Farm

Gardening Workshops

Lodge/Hotel Packages

Sustainable & elegant solutions for your lodge including vegetable growhouses, farm to table experiences & carbon off-setting initiatives 

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Farm to table dining experiences

Design your growhouse as a food producing machine & a cosy intimate venue to host eco-conscious guests. Guests can enjoy a unique experience of picking their own salad from the garden for lunch, dining in amongst the dripping berries & eating as fresh & organic as it comes. 

Wildlife-proof growing

All our modular growhouses can be covered in monkey wire and additional fortifications if needed to enable you to produce an abundance of fresh organic vegetables, herbs & fruits without the worry of unwanted pests & animals. We also offer full gardener training to enable consistent, water & time efficient growing. 

Manageable & efficient growing

Why not try one of our propagation growhouses which are designed for efficient growhoue management including areas for seedlings propagation, store, collect and dry seeds and to raise tree seedlings for any carbon offsetting projects. 

Carbon off-setting

By growing your own seedlings inside the growhouse you can propagate plenty of your own tree seedlings to offer for any carbon off-setting initiatives. Your guests will also enjoy being part of the camps sustainable agenda and can even plant a tree to two themselves!



Landscaping & Reforestation Packages

Living Machines offers a range of reforestation packages specific to your area!

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Our package includes

Permaculture design, Food forests, Tree planting, Pollinator gardens, Indigenous ecosystems, Multifunctional Edible and Medicinal landscapes, Seedling management plan

Carbon Off-Set: Tree Planting Packs

As part of our carbon off-setting strategy we offer ready to go agro-forestry starter packages (25-100 Trees) localised to your area including all the organic soil amendments to get results


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School to Farm Packages

All our systems can be designed for kids including growhouse classrooms, farm to table experiences & kids gardening workshops. 

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Putting food & sustainability at the heart of leaning

The growhouse is an educational structure for kids to be taught about natural systems including the importance of food sustainability, water conservation, waste management and biodiversity. Inspiring kids to make a positive impact on the planet and get their hands dirty in the soil!

Organic fruit & vegetable production on site

The growhouse would supplement food production for the kids and teachers. There is nothing better and more nutritious than having organic homegrown produce on site! 

Immersive interactive learning workshops

We offer practical learning workshops to inspire kids to grow food and learn through it!  All our school farm kits are designed for small hands & feet!  Standard Sizes (LxW): 6x4m, 8x4m, 12x4m, 6x6m, 8x6m, 12x6m (Additional/custom sizing available). See more about our workshops below…

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Gardening Workshops

All our workshops include:

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